BLITZ - Aluminium Cleaner

Suitable for aluminium & stainless steel
Cleans surfaces ready for buffing or polishing
Safer to use than products containing hydrofluoric acid

Blitz Group Fixed


Powerful, biodegradable ‘streak-free’ cleaner that cleans and protects boat canopies, truck side tautliners and tarpaulins. Break down and removes the toughest grime, soot, traffic film, track & roller grease and insect residue.Canopy Tautliner Group Fixed

Clear Windscreen & Glass Cleaner

Concentrated windscreen washer reservoir additive. Cuts through road grime, bugs, oil, soot and salt spray. Contains pleasant vanilla fragrance to freshen vehicle interior through air intake systemClear Windscreen  Glass Group


CT14 is a gutsy, concentrated proven performance degreaser. It is excellent for use in lube bays, driveways, workshops, engines, transmissions, or wherever heavy degreasing is required.CT14 Engine Bilge Degreaser-Group


CT18 Superwash is not only a well known cleaning product for its ability to cut through tough dirt and grease, it’s also Australia’s No.1 concentrated cleaning gel. Available also in a large 200 Liter Drum, this product is ideal for commercial applications such as detailing businesses, and fleet management.CT18-Superwash Group


CT20 Wash ‘N’ Wax is a concentrated, rich gel that has been specially formulated to gently break through the toughest road grime whilst leaving a streak free, mirror like sheen on all vehicles. Available also in a large 200 Liter DrumCT20 - wash wax Group

DIESEL POWER - Fuel Additive

Diesel Power fuel additive has been specifically formulated to boost engine performance, improve fuel economy, clean injectors, reduce exhaust emissions, reduce engine corrosion, inhibit growth of algae and bacteria and improve fuel storage stability.Diesel Power Group

FERTAN - Rust Converter

Penetrates and converts rust into ferric tannate. After treatment can be painted, welded, galvanised or chromed. Can be applied in wet or dry conditions. Non-toxic. Non-flammable.Fertan Rust Converter Group


Ready to use, multipurpose degreaser, that speedily removes and emulsifies tough grease, oil, dirt and grime from most surfaces including engines, engine parts, machinery, tools, benches, bikes, motor mowers, range hood filters, bilges, tiles, concrete floors and driveways. Grease-Off is an odourless, non-caustic non-flammable and biodegradable degreaser that does not contain any harmful solvents.Grease off Group

MAG SHINE - Mag & Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Mag Shine has been specifically developed for the speedy removal of brake dust, grease, road grime, oil & dirt from ‘mag’, alloy, chrome and clear coated or coloured wheels.
Mag Shine Fixed 2.5L

PETROL POWER - Fuel Additive

Petrol Power fuel additive has been specifically formulated to restore engine performance, improve fuel economy, clean injectors and keep them clean, reduce exhaust emissions, prevent formation of stable fuel-water emulsion, engine corrosion protection, inhibit growth of algae and bacteria, disperse insoluble gums and improve fuel storage stability.Petrol Power Fuel Additive Group

PORTASOL - Portable Toilet Sanitiser

A powerful sanitiser that breaks down waste in portable toilets
Suitable for use in both fresh water tanks and waste holding tanks
Concentrate formula that cleans and deodorises
Ideal for motor homes, caravans, buses, marine, camping and building sitesPortasol Group

SCREEN CLEAN - Windscreen Additive Concentrate

Screen Clean is a concentrated, economical additive for windscreen washer reservoirs in all types of vehicles.
It provides clear visibility for safer driving and is safe on all vehicle finishes.Screen Clean Group

SHEEN - Silicone Tyre Shine & Lubricant

Quality silicone for a showroom shine and maximum protection. Sheen is easy to apply, dries fast, enhances colour and won’t wast off. It’s a great lubricant too.
Sheen Group

SHIELD Vinyl Protectant - Vanilla

Shield has been specifically formulated to freshen & protect all types of plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces in the interior of your car while leaving a vanilla fragrance. Can also be used on the car exterior for bumper bars and trim. Shield will apply a protective and conditioning coating to help protect the surface from fading or cracking keeping it supple and looking like new.Shield Vinyl Protectant Group


Multi-purpose lubricant for bearings & chassis points. Withstands wash-out, shock loading & pound-out. Protects truck, farm, marine, industrial & mining equipment.Truck Farm Grease Group


Ready to use, water based, biodegradable, heavy duty degreaser that converts oil & grease into a water soluble solution. Great in the workshop or home for engines, lube bays, walls and concrete floors. Available also in a large 200 Liter DrumWorkshop Degreaser Group


Fixed ratio foaming spray gun, accurately mixes and
sprays foaming chemicals. Suitable for spraying Truck Wash and Taut Clean etcSpray-5 Group


A heavy-duty aluminum extendable pole with insulated handle grips.
The durable brush head is densely packed with flagged and softened bristles, which are gentle on paintwork. The handle easily connects to a standard garden hose and features an on/off water control valve. Ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles, boats, around the home and in the work place
.AquaFlowBrush Group


Fast acting and effective aluminium and metal surface cleaner.
Cleans and removes stains and oxidation from aluminium and stainless steel surfaces and components.
Etches, deoxidises, prepares, cleans and brightens surfaces ready for buffing or polishing. Ready to use formulation is safer than concentrate.

Alubrite RTU Group

LIQUID CHROME - Bright Chrome Spray

Liquid Chrome leaves a bright reflective chrome finish suitable for most metal surfaces like truck and trailers wheels, bull bars, bikes, and chassis. No primer is required with Liquid Chrome. It will leave a thick reflective layer that will resist rain and water splash so it’s perfect for even the harshest of conditions.Liquid Chrome Group